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It is so exciting to have all my family over in Perth for our engagement party tonight.  My Mum and Dad have been divorced since I was a young teenager and so my sister and I have grown accustomed to dividing our time during any major holiday events between each of our parents and their loved ones.  Incredibly this party will not only be a first for us all to be together in Perth, but it also will be the first family event that both my parents have attended simultaneously since I was a little child.   Understandably I am thrilled to have them all here!

Dad and his wife arrived late the night before so we planned to catch up on the morning of the party for a light brunch and chatter at the Greenhouse.   The Greenhouse seems to be a restaurant you either love or you hate.  I have eaten here a number of times and have never been disappointed with the food or the service.  The bizarre interiors are all made from recycled materials which gives it a real bohemian greenie vibe.  Even the light fittings – which look quite spectacular – are actually just made from wound up barbed wire fencing.  The meals are served in quirky pieces such as old milk bottles and terracotta plant pots.  It definitely is not for everyone, but I love it more and more with each visit.

Last time I came here for breakfast I had wild mushrooms with slow cooked eggs served on my own gluten free bread – it’s such a shame they do not have any gluten free bread available.  The mushroom dish was very memorable and I was eager to see if something similar remained on their ever changing seasonal menu.  To my exquisite excitement a new version of this dish was on the menu accompanied by their amazingly gooey slow cooked eggs and some grilled polenta.  I wasn’t going to need my BYO gluten free bread after all.  Everyone at the table except for Dad ordered the mushrooms and none of us were disappointed with our choices.  The eggs were perfectly soft and I’m sure there must have been at least four different types of mushrooms in there.  As we sat in the fabulous Perth sunshine basking in its therapeutic glow I felt proud to call this city my hometown.

My Dad is a fashion designer for his own shoe label and spends a lot of his time for work in and out of China.  So when he saw there was crab congee on the menu it was no surprise to us all when he ordered it for himself.  I am yet to decide how I feel about congee; I think it’s my love of eggs for breakfast that always sways me away from choosing to eat it and I always end up opting for ordering a dish with googs instead.  I had a little taste of his congee and found the saltiness and texture of the crab gave it that perfect lift, turning it from a potential bland baby food into a filling and delicious meal.  Despite this deliciousness, my mushroom addiction overrode any regrets as I quickly devoured my own amazing breakfast and was left wishing the serve was a touch bigger!

After breakfast, I walked back to the car hand in hand with the boy as we both enjoyed the glorious warmth of the sun I could feel it energise me and give me increasing bounce in my stride.  We chatted animatedly about our wedding plans for Phuket.   By the time we got back to the car I was feeling a little on the ditsy side and I ended up leaving our parking ticket on the boot of the car as we drove off towards the exit.   Unable to find the ticket when at the exit, I started to wonder if this beautiful morning was too good to be true and that the party day was destined to be filled with mishaps.  We drove back to our original location and the boy started scanning the ground while I rummage through my handbag hastily.  But to my surprise and relief there was the paper ticket still sitting there innocently on top of the car boot!  We exited the car park without any further drama and made our way back to my Dad’s hotel room where I was spoilt rotten with a whole suitcase of Robert Robert and Diavolina shoes!

Score:  Service 7.9/10 Food 9/10 Venue 8.5/10

100 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 | (08) 9481 8333 |

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