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I am not originally from Perth having moved here nearly twenty years ago to commence my university degree.  During my time at Uni I always imagined I would move back to the East coast.  After completing my degree and obtaining a year’s experience in the work force, the Boy and I moved to London for a few years where we played it hard and fast in the big smoke. Returning to Perth a few years later, I found myself really appreciating this beautiful city for what it is and realised that in fact she had become my home.  It was at this point my loyalties turned and I became a faithful lover of this sunny city.

There are some things about Perth that never stop giving me the wow factor and one of those is our regular running/walking route around the Swan River.  Having the river on our doorstep makes exercising easy and the distractions of the scenery make the actual process much less onerous. To make it even better, dotted along this circuit is a number of excellent breakfast venues serving piping hot coffee and delicious food.

Toast in East Perth is a long-standing favourite of mine – we have been coming here on a regular basis for well over 4-5 years.  It is conveniently located on my route around the river at the picturesque Claisebrook Cove.  The sheltered location makes the most of the rising sun and protects the outdoor seating area from any wind meaning that nearly year round (excluding rainy days) the weather feels perfect.

The Boy and I had planned to do a big 17 kilometre walk together around both loops of the river but unfortunately the boy woke up feeling unwell and thought it wise to rest.  Seeing as I would be making the journey alone, I thought I would embrace this opportunity and race myself from home through South Perth, running around the river to meet him over in East Perth for a late brunch. Thankfully Toast serves an all-day breakfast menu.

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Not wanting to leave my fiancé waiting at the café for me feeling poorly, I took off at a steady pace with the aim to pick up speed even more once I hit half way.  As I crossed the imaginary half way mark my legs still felt like loaded springs so surging forward I raced my virtual partner to the finish.

As a result of my mock running race, I arrived in East Perth all red-faced and heaving with about fifteen minutes to spare.  This gave me time to compose myself before wandering down to Toast to meet the Boy. There are a lot of gluten-free options here; one is really spoilt for choice.

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Roasted tomato, feta and basil on gluten free bread with added mushrooms and poached eggs

This time round I ordered the roasted tomato, feta and basil on gluten-free toast with added poached eggs and mushrooms. I have eaten this dish many times and am always chuffed with the knowledge my eggs will be cooked perfectly and each meal is consistent in quality with the previous. Their gluten-free bread has a beautiful rich pumpkin colour and is excellent in both texture and taste.

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Avocado and Vegemite on wholegrain with added poached eggs

The Boy ordered the avocado and Vegemite on whole grain bread with added poached eggs. The Vegemite was warmed slightly allowing it to be easily spread over the crunchy grainy bread.  The avocado was soft and creamy and his eggs were similarly poached to perfection. As we sat in comfortable silence in the sun soaking up its energy we were both so thankful we chose to settle down in Perth. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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Poached eggs that make you go: OMG!

Two weeks later the Boy was fully recovered so we made plans to do our big double loop walk together.  The weather forecast had threatened morning showers yet as we set out the sky was clear blue and a fresh autumn breeze was blowing.  We were rewarded once again with another stunning morning.

We both maintained a cracking pace as we had plans to meet with his family in King’s Park for a Mother’s Day picnic later that afternoon.  Despite Toast being even busier than usual we were seated fairly quickly and had a short wait for our meals considering they really were flat out.

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French toast (gluten free bread) with ricotta, blueberries, maple syrup

It is a very rare occasion that I can be convinced to forego Toast’s poached eggs.  If they aren’t included with my menu choice, I have a tendency to add it on the side so I don’t miss out.  This time round however I was craving something sweet and as I gazed over their menu my eyes kept returning to the French toast.  Their gluten-free bread held together fabulously and the delicately creamy ricotta with the tart berries had me in seventh heaven.  I would have preferred just a dash more maple syrup to end on a stronger sweet note.

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Full breakfast with bacon, poached eggs, chipolatas, grilled tomato and mushrooms and toast

The Boy had one of his favourites, the big breakfast.  This is definitely not one for the faint hearted, or those with heart disease more to the point.  A massive pile of crispy bacon, three chipolatas, poached eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and toast made this a very decent sized meal.  Once the Boy finished, he patted his stomach in a satisfied manner and groaned at the thought we still had to walk home. Unfortunately we had no time to linger in the morning sun and so we pressed onward with our journey back.  Understandably our pace on this second leg was much slowed down due to our overindulgence but I guarantee we will do it again and again!

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Shop 21/60 Royal Street, East Perth 6004 | (08) 9221 0771 |
Price:                     $$ ($8-20 breakfast/brunch, gluten-free options available)
Food:                    4.5/5 (seriously good breakfasts)
Service:                3.5/5 (relaxed, efficient & casual)
Ambience:           4.5/5 (blissful view gazing out onto the water)
Drinks:                  4.5/5 (serves high quality Rubra coffee, freshly squeezed juices worth a try too)
Total:                     17/20

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13 Thoughts on “Toast, East Perth

  1. I have lived in Perth all my life and many of my friends have moved over east to Melbourne. I love visiting my friends in Melbourne but I like the lifestyle in Perth more and it’s a place that I am happy to call home.

    Toast is one of my fave cafes. I love their polenta toast with mushrooms.

  2. Hello! A fellow food intolerant one and runner? I think we’re going to get along just fine indeed.

    I’ve always heard good things about toast, and actually recommended it to my sister a few weeks ago when she needed to meet a visiting friend for breaky. She since raved about it, despite having to wait for a table, and yet I still haven’t been. Maybe when I am finally able to run again I can reward myself there after a trip round the narrows :)

    • Hi Conor! We definitely have a fair bit in common then! I spend much of my spare time eating or running. Were you recently in an accident? I hope your injuries repair soon and you’re back running again. In the meantime, I look forward to reading your post once you visit Toast :)

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