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Sassys on Swan, Perth

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After weeks and weeks of the Boy and I talking about increasing the distance of our Sunday walk to 20 kilometres, we were finally faced with a free day with no time restrictions.  Better still, my bestie who is normally busy on this day with yoga teacher training had a free day too. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend my day off; strolling in the sunshine with two of my most favourite people.

Our initial leg took us headfirst into a strong Easterly wind which nearly blew our caps off into the Swan River.  Not willing to give in to the elements so soon we powered on in silence each quietly trying to will the gusts away.  Luckily once we hit the more protected side of the walk path going through to Burswood the wind had started to die down and we could chatter away to each other and actually be heard.  Foolishly I had gone to the gym the day before (in fact I ran to the gym) and I had done a full leg muscle workout completely forgetting about our usual routine the following day.  We had barely reached the quarter way mark and my legs were already starting to feel wobbly and tired. Oh dear, I did it once again….the all or nothing part of my personality really does need to be contained sometimes!

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Chocolate macarons from Kinky Lizard

As we passed through East Perth, the Boy also started to feel a little weary as he too had done a workout the day prior.  In contrast to me, his forethought meant he only trained his upper body knowing full well that his legs would need all their strength for our epic walk.  We stopped in at the Kinky Lizard for some “sugaries”; the Boy got an Anzac cookie, Kate and I shared a couple of macarons.  I lost a little confidence from the outset as I overheard the waiter call them macaroons.  Macarons and macaroons are not the same thing! Our macarons were extremely disappointing and had the texture of a chocolate brownie with the taste of mud cake.  No crisp shell, no chewy centre and definitely no layering of flavours.Kinky Lizard Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

Energised by the sugar hit we marched on crossing over the Causeway to the South Perth foreshore and then back over the Narrows to the Barrack Jetty area. By this point we had walked a total of 16 kilometres and we were all in desperate need of something more substantial than a snack. We hadn’t visited Sassy’s on Swan for some years and figured it was time for a return visit.

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I ordered my usual short mac which I was pleased to see wasn’t topped up with milk – I like mine served traditional.  It was very good coffee; not too bitter and a little creamy in its aftertaste.  Kate wasn’t as impressed with her latte, it was made too strong for her liking and she felt that the froth was too thick to drink through needing to be scooped off the top first and eaten separately. I actually quite liked the description of her coffee’s thick nearly hardened foam but then to each to their own.

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Fresh fruit smoothie: Berry magic

The Boy went all out trying not one but two of Sassy’s fresh fruit smoothies.  His first and favourite smoothie was the Berry magic with ice cream.  It was thick and tangy with lots of berries and the serving was huge.  I’m surprised he had room for another with his breakfast but I guess we had just walked a fair distance.  His second smoothie was the mango and banana which tasted less fruity and needed more mangos in it.

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Parmesan polenta pizzetta: Golden polenta topped with sundried tomato, sassy’s own pesto, brie, roast caps, artichokes, kalamata olives and golden parmesan

I was having a fair bit of indecision with my selection but finally managed to choose the parmesan polenta pizzetta. I love polenta’s versatility, ranging from creamy purée through to being able to have enough substance and form to be used as a baked quiche base.  I imagined this pizzette to have a lovely crisp firm base and was disappointed to be served a thick crumbly cakey door stop of polenta with all the toppings piled on top.  My serve was huge, they are very generous on their serving sizes; you will not walk away hungry from this place. I couldn’t taste or see any brie cheese as per the menu’s description. Also I felt that the olives should be pitted if served on a pizza and I nearly cracked my tooth on the first one before I realised that they weren’t.

From about the half way mark on our walk, a large component of our conversation was centred about food.  Kate had talked at great length about her craving for pancakes and having already read the menu to us earlier on our walk, she thought she could recall reading that there were some served with mascarpone cheese and fruit.  By the time we stopped for breakfast her heart was so set on the mascarpone cheese that it nearly skipped a beat when she read the menu properly and realised she was mistaken.  She still ordered the pancakes without said mascarpone but should have followed her better judgement and given them a miss.

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Thai banana pancakes: Grandmas buttermilk pancakes with chunky bananas, toasted shredded coconut, coconut syrup & maple syrup

Like my dish, hers was super-sized consisting of two enormous thick fluffy looking pancakes topped with unfortunately scant pieces of fruit and dried coconut.  There was a drizzle of maple syrup over the top but due to the sheer thickness of the pancakes she had to ask for more as she started to feel like she was eating dough.  Ideally this dish should have been piled high with some fresh fruit but ended up being too stodgy and overwhelmingly chewy to enjoy. She described them as a poor copy of MacDonald’s hotcakes and regretted her choice for the remainder of our walk home.  Poor lass!

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Cajun spiced organic chicken with Sassy’s salad veg & red pepper relish cheese tortilla

As it was nearly lunchtime the Boy decided to forego his usual choice of eggs and ordered a tortilla instead.  He initially wanted the lamb however they had run out so he chose the Cajun spiced chicken instead.  This ended up being the best meal on our table. The tortilla didn’t fall apart and remained resilient despite lots of juicy sauce flavouring the meat.  The chicken wasn’t dry and there was a generous serving of other fillings meaning it received definite thumbs up from the Boy.

We felt the service could have been a lot friendlier and were astonished to see the manager correct one of her employees in front of us customers, something I feel is embarrassing to us and demoralising to the staff member.  She did this while failing to even acknowledge us standing in front of the counter.  Perhaps she was having a bad day as during my many previous visits I had never seen this attitude before.

Sassy’s used to be a favourite of ours and we returned this time round after a long hiatus of more than twelve months.  It would have been nice to see a new menu or maybe even just some fresh seasonal specials but unfortunately things haven’t’ changed since our visits some years ago.  Although it was good to return, I was left wishing we had stopped in at Toast instead.

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Sassy’s on the Swan

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Sassy’s on the Swan
171 Riverside Drive, Perth 6000 | (08) 9325 4191 |
Price:                     $$$ (All Day Breakfast $12-28)
Food:                    2.5/5 (GF options, huge serves but needs revamp of menu – hasn’t changed in years)
Service:                2.5/5 (owner/manager needs to smile and not discipline staff in front of customers)
Ambience:          3/5 (lovely location, could make more use of the view)
Drinks:                  4/5 (smoothies and coffees excellent)
Total:                     12/20

Sassy's on the Swan on Urbanspoon

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4 Thoughts on “Sassys on Swan, Perth

  1. The problem is with having somewhere along our walk as consistently awesome as Toast, everywhere is lack-lustre by comparison. Not to worry….the view was stunning and the company couldn’t have been better 😉

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