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It had been some time since Chris and I had managed to coordinate a morning off together for our regular breakfast outing.  Normally this is something we do on a regular basis. After a couple of false starts and cancellations we finally tallied up a Monday morning where we were both available.  It was the day after a very long-winded business meeting where we had all sat and chewed the fat for far too many hours.  It was so good to be able to sit down together and for once actually have time to chat about stuff other than work.

It was her husband’s 40th birthday that week and she had planned a surprise trip over to Melbourne without their two young children.  She had organised for him to catch up with some old friends he hadn’t seen in years in addition to anticipating a lot of child-free wining, dining and shopping – things they both love!

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After a brief peer into the colourful sandwich cabinet we both agreed that the potato cake with poached egg, prosciutto, asparagus and hollandaise sauce sounded really good and ordered one each. I have to say this dish looked much better than it tasted.  My egg was slightly over poached and had nearly lost its runny centre of yolk-lava although I do understand not everyone likes a gooey egg.  The ratio of hollandaise and egg to potato was all out with an overwhelming amount of dry potato.  If there was more yolk or hollandaise to mop around my plate this dish wound be much more enjoyable.

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As we chatted about great places to eat out in Melbourne (of which there are so many) my eyes turned to the sweets counter.  Surprisingly Chris’s initial reaction was to decline having a second course for breakfast which is very unlike her.  After only a small amount of persuasion I managed to twist her arm to share a small cube of fresh chocolate brownie with me.  After a lacklustre main dish, this decadent chocolatey treat made up for some lost ground. It was moist and richly flavoured with a nutty praline aftertaste.

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This wasn’t my first visit to Aubergines and previously I have had some better experiences.  They do have a reasonable range of gluten free options and there is outside seating where you are welcome to bring your canine companion.  They even sell doggie treats at the counter.  However given the plethora of fabulous breakfast locations in Fremantle I didn’t get enough wow factor to return in a hurry.

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Aubergine Gourmet Foods
231 South Terrace, South Fremantle 6162 | (08) 9335 2115
Price:                     $$ ($15-25 per meal)
Food:                    3/5 (for me a good breakfast is defined by a perfectly poached egg)
Service:                2.5/5 (a little slow and inattentive)
Ambience:          3.5/5 (funky, lots of natural sunshine flooding through, could relax here for hours)
Drinks:                  4/5 (great coffee)
Total:                     13/20

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    • It was quite buttery and smooth. Combined with the nutty texture of the brownie, it made this morsel so divine!

  1. I want that potato cake with the poached egg. It’s such a shame it didn’t live up to the look of it. I want to run my knife through that egg and see the yolk ooze which is the way it should be.

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