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It has been twelve months since the Boy finally managed to convince me to start a food blog.  My reluctance to blog was fuelled by the fact that spare time was already a luxury I never seemed to have.  Despite these hurdles, Chompchomp has managed to grow to more than 1200 page views a week and will hit 40,000 total page views in a couple of weeks.  Mental!

I have no training in cooking, journalism, photography or creative writing and will never profess to be an expert in any of these things but my passion for food is never ending. There is great satisfaction in finding a restaurant which shares this joy and then being able to capture this moment with photos and words.  I am just so flabbergasted that there are many others out there that enjoy reading my blog as much as I do creating it. Thank you so much!

The frustration and anguish of being a foodie with complicated intolerances and allergies is something many have to deal with on a daily basis.  Although I realise this is nothing compared to the real trauma and illness that some poor individuals have to bear, I hope my gastronomic journey helps give hope and enjoyment to fellow intolerants out there.


  1. Thanks Ai-ling, Christie, Kat and Amanda! It’s been such a grat journey…and its only really just getting started!

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