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When talking about our travels a lot of people will often comment to me “OMG your food allergies are SO complicated! How do you go ordering food in foreign countries?!”

My answer to this is my own customised Eating Cards. They are really easy to make and adapt for your own specific dietary requirements. All you need is Google Translate, a printer, and a laminating machine.

On one side of the eating card I print the following in English:

Food allergy/intolerance card
I am allergic/intolerant to the following food: 
  • * Wheat, wheat flour, soy sauce, gluten
  • * Onion, spring onion
  • * Apple, pear, guava, papaya, mango, watermelon 
Eating foods, sauces and breads containing these ingredients will make me ill.
Can you please assist me in making my choice from your menu?

And on the other side I purely just cut and paste the above onto Google translate.

For example in Thai:

อาหารบัตรแพ้ / แพ้
ผมแพ้ / แพ้กับอาหารต่อไปนี้
  • •ข้าวสาลี, แป้งสาลี, ซอสถั่วเหลือง, ตัง
  • •หอมใหญ่, ต้นหอม
  • •แอปเปิ้ล, ลูกแพร์, ฝรั่ง, มะละกอ, แตงโม, มะม่วง


After this format the text to be about the size of a credit card so when you print it you can cut it into a smaller more usable size. I put the English and the translated version back to back and pop it through the laminating machine. Trim it down further more to a pint sized card that fits neatly in my wallet.  I usually make a number of them before each overseas trip and leave a few spares with my travel documents and another in my husband wallet so I can be sure I am never without one.

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