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I pondered until the 13th hour whether I should continue with the tradition of Chompchomp’s Hottest 100 Perth food blogs for this year. I confess the blog has taken a temporary back seat over the past few weeks as I recover from multiple gluten poisonings and Christmas over indulgences. Updating the list is a huge endeavour that involves a lot of researching and double-checking each blog for suitability. However after much encouragement and a little help from the Boy, we have managed to put the list together for Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2016.

As per last year, in order to qualify for the Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs list, blogs need to be based in Western Australia and their content needs to be predominantly about food. I have excluded any blogs that haven’t published content in the last twelve months. Blogs that have with no Alexa ranking data are also been excluded. If I have missed or excluded your blog off my list and you do qualify for the criteria; I apologise profusely. Just send me an email or comment below and I will add you to next year’s list.

This year has shown some interesting changes in the Perth food blogging world, most notably a massive drop in both blog numbers and readership. Many wonderful Perth food blogs have become inactive, or lost readership to the point they have no Alexa ranking. Consequently there are now less than 100 blogs with a ranking that make the list. So really, this is a Hottest Nearly 100 list! I hope you all enjoy and find some new blogs to read along with reuniting with those you love.

Just a little word about Alexa ranking; Alexa Internet is a US-based subsidiary company of Amazon that provides commercial web traffic data. It estimates traffic by comparing how a website is doing compared to all other sites on the Internet over the past 3 months. Alexa’s website describes this rank as being “calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and page views is ranked #1”. To give you an idea of how it goes, Google is number one closely followed by Facebook. Noodlies has given a more detailed explanation on Alexa’s merits and pit falls when used for ranking blogs.To read more about the Alexa ranking please refer to their site at

Here is Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2016:

Rank Blog Alexa Ranking
1 My Darling Lemon Thyme 466886
2 Chompchomp 481009
3 Tales of a Kitchen 536373
4 Food in Literature (bryton taylor) 561876
5 The Chef, his Wife and their PERTHfect life 608804
6 The Food Pornographer 647621
7 The Cook's Pyjamas 694577
8 Vegan Sparkles 1282083
9 Tenina 1351672
10 Gastromony 1423765
11 Foodie Cravings 1558054
12 Morsels 1898389
13 Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand 2155903
14 Laura's Mess 2176870
15 Grab Your Spork 2349790
16 Inspired Food 2470123
17 Queen of Bad Timing 2590728
18 Just a girl from aamchi mumbai 2672872
19 Way too much coffee 3181801
20 LILEPR 3487675
21 Whole Food 4190467
22 inexology 4198827
23 The Foodie Hub 4477339
24 Yet Another Foodie Blog 4980131
25 The Breakfast Confidential 5213366
26 Out & About in Perth with Bub, Moo and Char 5815763
27 Dalia cooks 5906061
28 Love Freo 6015753
29 Windswept Wishes 6230046
30 umeboss 6290165
31 Truly Scrumptious 6340377
32 Lyv to eat 6345919
33 Great About Perth 6463891
34 A very foodly Diary 6758525
35 iMasticate 6844829
36 sabatomic 6952323
37 Perth Food Reviews 7149165
38 Kristy Leigh' Food for Thought 7187943
39 Take me to foodie heaven 7245975
40 Food and tea traveller 7478009
41 The Gluten Free Geek 7552137
42 The Engineer Eats 7966043
43 The Woman From Oz 7972096
44 Wino sapien 8134979
45 Perth Food Explorer 8260491
46 Libertine Eats 8295724
47 May Day for Food 8322611
48 all the little extras 8457607
49 Travelletto 8700124
50 Perth Munchkin 8791131
51 The Squeaky Kitchen 9156396
52 What can I Bake? 9174192
53 ChiGarden 9213112
54 Bake you smile 9297495
55 Oyster & Pearl 9609888
56 Cook, Dine, Travel 9836558
57 Weny Wonders Why 10133233
58 Perth Wine Enthusiast 10449265
59 aweekendchef 10587270
60 11152922
61 Alfred's Blog 11190960
62 Food 4 Thought 11489060
63 Hungry Husband and Wine-ing Wine 11699221
64 Eat.Speak.Write 11864463
65 Ministry of Gluttony 12046832
66 Laura Moseley 12187050
67 The Capers of the Kitchen Crusader 12575795
68 Travelling Corkscrew 13084815
69 Itchin Kitchen 13460726
70 Frankie's Feast 13709310
71 Perth Café Culture 13748498
72 Words that nourish 14802594
73 P.S. I Love To Cook 15747064
74 Cooking Masterclass 15930120
75 Home Cooked Heston 16541760
76 Max Veenhuyzen 17758820
77 Sanlive 21099568
78 Eat Meets West 21833785
79 Why Yes, I do Eat Constantly. 22116659

These stats were complied on 26th of January 2016

18 Thoughts on “Perth's Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2016

  1. Oh dear, i hope your over the gluten poisoning you poor thing :( But Im so pleased you did manage to compile the list again Martine! You do a fab job and i really look forward to going through it each year to discover great new Perth blogs. Well done you xx p.s. personally, i think a lot of foodies are existing on IG or FB, rather than a stand alone blog nowadays. I guess its quicker and easier – it takes a lot of time and commitment to be a blogger!! :)

    • Well done for spending the time to do this again Martine! You’re amazing! :)

      I think you’re right Amanda. I have noticed some bloggers are moving away from their blogs to being ‘Instabloggers’.

      I’m not sure what’s going on with my blog. I don’t have enough data to rank. My blog stats did go down a bit when I didn’t blog a lot last year and stopped blogging in July/August but not a huge dip. When I started blogging more regularly from September, my numbers started to rise again and are now almost back at what they were in 2014/early 2015. Meh – I’ve never done this for the numbers though… just the enjoyment :)

  2. I really do appreciate the list. I follow it for a few years and I’m surprised but happy to see my humble space on it…even if it’s towards the end! Lol you work is valuable so keep it up! And hope you feel better soon.. Gluten poisoning would be awful.

  3. Love your work babes – can’t believe how much time and effort you have put into this list especially with your dream cat hospital opening so soon.

    Interesting insight re the Perth blogging space changing and hope you don’t have any more poisonings! Surely you’ve had your fair share for 2016 already xxx

  4. Thank you for sharing this list :) I haven’t been following up with my blog for few months due to my job :( and I was so surprised to see it in the list. Such inspiring Perth bloggers!

  5. Last year seemed like a really difficult year for many of us. I was a little apprehensive to open your post as I had a feeling that I might not have even hit the top twenty (having posted… uh, maybe once every 3 months last year?!). It makes me feel a little humbled to know that people have continued to read and maintain interest despite my huge inconsistency and slightly maudlin dialogue! I am so, so sorry to hear that the horrible gluten poisonings, discomfort and health issues have continued Martine. I’ve been thinking of you (as I have no I idea how you continue on with commitments, suffering such pain!) and i hope you experience some relief soon. Thanks to you and the boy for bringing this to us yet again. You are amazing and I will continue to keep you in my prayers! xxx

    • Thanks Laura for your kind thoughts, and you are so right, the year 2015 brought a lot of burdens for many of us. Your blog’s content is always timeless and beautiful and I had no doubt you would hold your own despite a lower number of posts. I love your little updates on Loki’s cheeky habits too. He is just so adorable. Let’s wish for a happy, healthy 2016, lots of love xx

    • Thanks Helen, it is certainly the way times are turning but it is beautiful to see some of the stayers that have persisted and consistently improved. Hope you are well xx

  6. Hi Martine 😀 thank you so much for compiling up a list! I remember reading the last year one at the start of 2015 and can’t believe now it’s already 2016! 😀 hope this year will be another year filled with awesome food adventure XD

    Get well soon :))

    • Hi Inex, it is my pleasure. I love having this resource updated each year even if it is a mammoth effort! Congratulations for doing to well, you put a lot of effort into your blog so well deserved. xx

  7. I hope you’re feeling better soon love. Damn gluten huh? Thanks for taking the time to pull this together again and I’m honoured to feature in it this year more than ever before, as we’ve just (a few weeks ago) moved from WA back home to NZ! So I’m guessing this will be the last year I’ll ‘qualify’. Wishing you all the best, Emm xx

    • Congratulations Emma you have earned a well deserved sign off from the Perth blogging scene. Your blog is a wonderful creative piece of beauty don’t ever stop! All the best for your new life back in your home lands, stay in touch! xx

  8. Thanks for putting the list together again Martine! I took a small break at the end of last year but have recently posted a new recipe which I’m hoping to post a few more this year too!! Good luck with your new business, you must be busy!! Take care xx

    • Hi April, yes I can empathise as I too needed to take a break from blogging. Things are still quite mental busy but we open (hopefully) in two weeks or so. Keep up with the blogging you do an amazing job. xxxx

  9. Thank you for taking the time and effort to compile all of this, I’m really grateful to be on the list. Hope to keep on reading everyone’s awesome blogs :)

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