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Australia Day is our official national holiday and on this day there are countless parties, fireworks displays and festivals held across the nation all in the name of celebrating our great country. For many music buffs, including myself, there is one particular focus of this public holiday; that is the radio countdown broadcast of Triple J’s Hottest 100. The Hottest 100 is considered to be the world’s biggest music democracy and for about one month prior to Australia Day people can vote for their favourite songs of the year.

This year I was inspired with the anticipation of the big music event to compile a list of Perth’s Hottest 100 food blogs. Currently the only guide we have for measuring our state’s blog popularity is via the relatively useless Urbanspoon ranking. This system doesn’t actually use blog traffic for calculations but is merely a sum of the page views for the places the blog has reviewed. Additionally this list excludes other forms of food blogs that don’t write restaurant reviews such as recipe blogs.

Thang Ngo, the author of the Sydney based blog Noodlies identified this problem last year and took it upon himself to compile a list of Sydney food blogs that was ranked in a more accurate manner. He used a well-known website ranking tool called Alexa and manually obtained each blog’s ranking and listed all 300-odd of them.  What a mammoth task! I was keen to do a similar list for Perth and with Thang’s guidance and support I commenced the very time consuming undertaking to list Perth and WA’s food blogs. I have done my best to include as many blogs as I could find including both wine and coffee blogs but my deepest apologies if I have missed your blog, please send me a comment and I can add you on.

Just a little word about Alexa ranking; Alexa Internet is a US-based subsidiary company of Amazon that provides commercial web traffic data. It estimates traffic by comparing how a website is doing compared to all other sites on the Internet over the past 3 months. Alexa’s website describes this rank as being “calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and page views is ranked #1”. To give you an idea of how it goes, Google is number one closely followed by Facebook. Noodlies has given a more detailed explanation on Alexa’s merits and pit falls when used for ranking blogs. These rankings were taken on the 25th January 2014. For a complete list of all Perth’s Food Blogs click here.

So here it is: Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2014

Rank Blog Name & Address Alexa Ranking
1 My Darling Lemon Thyme 387674
2 Tales of a Kitchen 518092
3 Bite-sized Thoughts 539085
4 The Food Pornographer 542586
5 Chompchomp 577545
6 Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand 960537
7 Foodie Cravings 1044923
8 Laura's Mess 1063839
9 Tenina 1093224
10 bryton taylor 1208737
11 Vegan Sparkles 1397314
12 Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse 1399203
13 Queen of Bad Timing 1669072
14 Juji Chews 1775071
15 Gastromony 1879877
16 Perth Food Reviews 2010825
17 The Ponder Room 2188392
18 Grab Your Spork 2205951
19 Just a girl from aamchi mumbai 2278288
20 The Breakfast Confidential 2459932
21 Weny Wonders Why 2657228
22 Great About Perth 2761886
23 Taste Travel Talk 2914550
24 Kristy Leigh' Food for Thought 3010931
25 Libertine Eats 3013690
26 Tastemaster WA 3116697
27 Perth Food Engineers 3247478
28 Abstract Gourmet 3282100
29 Perth Munchkin 3432165
30 Take me to foodie heaven 3684110
31 Wino sapien 3691669
32 Café Couture 3707933
33 Capital Food Journal 3765173
34 A very foodly Diary 3779698
35 Tannic Teeth 3812682
36 Dinewhitme 3992692
37 manthatcooks 4134071
38 ChiGarden 4164955
39 Nini | Eat Drink Travelicious 4421787
40 Travelling Corkscrew 4604335
41 My Hungry Tummy 4846929
42 The Cook's Pyjamas 4989496
43 Out & About in Perth with Bub, Moo and Char 5076855
44 Hungry again? 5177671
45 White Island 5285288
46 Morsels 5378418
47 Whole Food 5471819
48 Coffee Blogger 5563969
49 Laura Moseley 5631918
50 Eat Meets West 5721728
51 Bon Viveur 5940824
52 Sanlive 6159946
53 Eat Aussie 6204356
54 The Capers of the Kitchen Crusader 6223013
55 all the little extras 6259189
56 Hold the Beef 6437016
57 Why Yes, I do Eat Constantly. 6485461
58 Pub Diaries 6517493
59 Tasty Liason 6668647
60 maykey. 6841052
61 Food 4 Thought 7251106
62 The Foodie Hub 7289153
63 Love Freo 7603384
64 Food and tea traveller 7749672
65 west six kitchen 7901624
66 Little Miss Bacon 8256945
67 8300357
68 May Day for Food 8391264
69 Chip in the Sky 8507966
70 Cooking Masterclass 8576702
71 Life of Pia 8662670
72 Blueberry Muffins 8815407
73 Eat Scout 9085510
74 Kitchen Dojo 9106540
75 The Grizzly Bear Perth 9153322
76 The Source Pan 9253296
77 Joie De Vivre 9784848
78 sabatomic 10311125
79 cooking. eating. carousing. 10441104
80 French Toast and Indie Pop 10479849
81 noshbites 10802073
82 iMasticate 10927175
83 My Mezzaluna…down under 11015942
84 umeboss 11044694
85 Red Hot Spatula 11076832
86 perth coffee scape 11115617
87 Crackling 11133928
88 Sealed with Wax 11229595
89 dinner with Jack 11518599
90 Good Perth Hunting 11843356
91 Yet Another Foodie Blog 12197293
92 Lemon Butter 12716125
93 polka-dots & sparkles 13169720
94 Food, Drinks n' Sun 13337153
95 potpourri 13658061
96 The Sneaky Pigeon 13996323
97 Once Upon A Travelogue 14181579
98 Savour The Moment 14293634
99 The Chef, his Wife and their PERTHfect life 14905318
100 Simon Say Eat 15035845

31 Thoughts on “Perth's Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2014

  1. Hey girl, this is a very comprehensive list…love it! Thanks for the hard work that I know is behind this post…and congrats on number 5 ranking…off to have a look at all the others now!

  2. Wow, I am quite surprised I have ranked 24 :-) Certainly is a wonderful way to celebrate Australia Day. I haven’t always been the most active, but lately I really have been trying to post at least once a week… it’s lovely to know it’s having a positive impact on my site! So many bloggers I idolise up on this list. Congratulations guys. You are amazing! <3

  3. Hey Martine, thanks for putting the list up :) Can’t believe I have came this far since starting my food blog last year. It is also great to see other Perth food bloggers on that list so we can visit and support each other :) Good stuff and well done to each and everyone on the list! :)

  4. Hey Martine – this is cool to see!
    So different to the Urbanspoon ‘ranking’ list.
    Great to have a list which includes recipe blogs as well – so many to add to my blog roll! :) See you soon, Pia xx

  5. WOW!! I just found this. Am so thrilled that The Ponder Room made it in the Top 20. Thank you so much for going to all the effort of creating the list. I’ve been blogging in a vacuum so it’s great to get some feedback. Will be blogging about this for sure.
    No doubt I’ve passed you at the same foodie events. Hope to say hi next time now I know what you look like. Thanks again woohoo

  6. This is amazing – what a comprehensive list of food/recipe blogs. Always love a list like this where you go…”Hey I didn’t know about that”, then add to feedly..:)
    Thanks heaps!

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