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I am a proud Australian. I love my country and all the opportunities and joy it has given me. But what I love even more is my home town Perth. I wasn’t born here, I didn’t even grown up here, yet amongst all the cities I have lived in it is the only place I can see myself growing old. I am fiercely loyal to this city for a reason. We really have it all here; sunshine, happy people, incredible food and fresh produce, stunning beaches, a plethora of wine regions on our doorstep and the list goes on. I mean seriously….we even grow our own truffles. I am a strong believer in supporting local businesses and will go out of my way to buy something West Australian where I can.

After my publication of Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs last year, I helped Sydney blogger Noodlies to compile a current comprehensive Australian Food Blogs list. He updates this list quarterly and it provides an incredible resource for foodies, journalists and fellow bloggers alike. With the creation of this full list, I felt that publishing a regularly updated Perth list was overkill as those who wanted to see the rise and fall of their stats could just refer to Noodlies list. The intentions of my list was not so much about stats but more about showcasing what an incredible number of beautiful and talented food bloggers we have here in WA. Just another reason we are awesome 😉 Consequently, after much encouragement from fellow bloggers and foodies, I have decided to update my Hottest 100 list annually to coincide with my favourite Public Holiday; Australia Day. There are a number of new additions to my list this year along with some that have sadly been removed due to inactivity or moving interstate/abroad.

In order to qualify for the Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2015 list, blogs need to be based in Western Australia and their content needs to be predominantly about food. I have excluded any blogs that haven’t published content in the last twelve months. Blogs that have with no Alexa ranking data have also been excluded this year. Updating this list is a huge endeavour that involves a lot of researching and double-checking each blog for suitability. If I have missed or excluded your blog off my list and you do qualify the criteria; I apologise profusely. Just send me an email or comment below and I will add you to the following year.

Just a little word about Alexa ranking; Alexa Internet is a US-based subsidiary company of Amazon that provides commercial web traffic data. It estimates traffic by comparing how a website is doing compared to all other sites on the Internet over the past 3 months. Alexa’s website describes this rank as being “calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of unique visitors and page views is ranked #1”. To give you an idea of how it goes, Google is number one closely followed by Facebook. Noodlies has given a more detailed explanation on Alexa’s merits and pit falls when used for ranking blogs.To read more about the Alexa ranking please refer to their site at

Here is Perth’s Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2015:

Rank Blog Name & Address Alexa Ranking
1 Chompchomp 228051
2 My Darling Lemon Thyme 306630
3 Tales of a Kitchen 397657
4 The Chef, his Wife and their PERTHfect life 540888
5 The Food Pornographer 593201
6 Queen of Bad Timing 745694
7 Vegan Sparkles 882881
8 Laura's Mess 976352
9 Foodie Cravings 1098719
10 Travelling Corkscrew 1133101
11 The Cook's Pyjamas 1152602
12 Weny Wonders Why 1244549
13 Perth Munchkin 1252713
14 Just a girl from aamchi mumbai 1269259
15 Tenina 1271457
16 Gastromony 1627914
17 Travelletto 1695672
18 Food Endeavours of the Blue Apocalypse 1832278
19 Perth Café Culture 1997786
20 Wino sapien 2190449
21 Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand 2286464
22 French Toast and Indie Pop 2317960
23 Grab Your Spork 2397143
24 iMasticate 2403009
25 Frankie's Feast 2479507
26 Out & About in Perth with Bub, Moo and Char 2575777
27 Live to eat or Eat to live 2611146
28 Morsels 2694617
29 Ministry of Gluttony 2757227
30 Truly Scrumptious 2954876
31 A very foodly Diary 2993716
32 Slow Food Perth 3065909
33 Laura Moseley 3104627
34 Take me to foodie heaven 3117693
35 LILEPR 3164274
36 Perth Food Engineers 3391150
37 aweekendchef 3402577
38 umeboss 3404318
39 Not Your Typical Dietician 3514974
40 Hungry again? 3522616
41 Perth Food Reviews 3602036
42 Sanlive 3735515
43 Zaum 3754318
44 ChiGarden 3764613
45 Cooking Masterclass 3796519
46 My Wey of Life 3876775
47 I Am Suanlee 3894159
48 Food in Literature (bryton taylor) 3973265
49 Abstract Gourmet 4030445
50 The Gluten Free Geek 4052279
51 the skinny 4183265
52 The Breakfast Confidential 4211313
53 Eat Scout 4248834
54 Whole Food 4291862
55 Great About Perth 4316967
56 Lemon Butter 4457695
57 The Foodie Hub 4547234
58 What can I Bake? 4574362
59 Life of Pia 4575100
60 Food 4 Thought 4654321
61 Love Freo 4738131
62 Perth Food Blog 4795046
63 Kristy Leigh' Food for Thought 4904939
64 Yet Another Foodie Blog 4980131
65 Sprinkling of Spice 5012938
66 potpourri 5064978
67 Luce and Scott go Upside Down 5095704
68 manthatcooks 5118806
69 Shermaine Janella Lew 5128426
70 Tastemaster WA 5134210
71 Perth Food Explorer 5231052
72 Pantry in Suburbia 5279163
73 Juji Chews 5331930
74 The Grizzly Bear Perth 5417805
75 Inspired Food 5481530
76 Savour The Moment 5482279
77 Simon Say Eat 5531013
78 Bake you smile 5560559
79 Col Panna 5684438
80 the fork and vine 5702091
81 Red Hot Spatula 5814946
82 Perth coffee project 5863353
83 Taste Test - Food.Life 5960109
84 JKP 6004491
85 Loumis 6004492
86 Leisure - Pleasure 6004493
87 Too Munch to Handle 6184591
88 Little Girl Big Food 6293734
89 P.S. I Love To Cook 6300938
90 Eat.Speak.Write 6313520
91 One Day of Life 6313521
92 The Tasty Planet 6345917
93 City adventures and stories from the Antipodes 6353666
94 The Journal of Two Witty Lasses 6441010
95 A Tale of Two Bougies 6585225
96 The Wildest of Dreams 6815423
97 Libertine Eats 6817450
98 perth coffee scape 6890490
99 The Stomping Grounds 6970948
100 all the little extras 7104397
101 Itchin Kitchen 7155174
102 noshbites 7235148
103 Feed Your Soul, Perth 7571951
104 Perth Wine Enthusiast 7860127
105 Crackling 7876091
106 Eat Meets West 7876092
107 Food and tea traveller 7876093
108 foodoalbum 7876094
109 Reclog 7876097
110 Where is my food diary 7876099
111 Simply Me 7956731
112 two little gastronomes 8005431
113 Go where no Sophia has gone before 8005465
114 Nomcitybitch 8005495
115 Franklin&Dex 8312414
116 Pub Diaries 8774771
117 Because I got High Tea 8882409
118 Believe in Yourself 8906562
119 OISHII 8915140
120 9000024
121 Dalia cooks 9117931
122 Nerdy Gastronome 9372055
123 The Green Umbrella 9372091
124 The Pavarotti 9372093
125 Mat gets Fat 9515508
126 No Diet Attached. 9515545
127 On a Red Bowl 9515555
128 Pepper Silk 9515570
129 Running Hearts 9515616
130 The Hungry Ones 9515688
131 The Woman From Oz 9515696
132 Viio's Life in Chapters 9515727
133 Would I Come Back 9515752
134 Why Yes, I do Eat Constantly. 9527582
135 sabatomic 9721520
136 Curious Wombat Tales 11027673
137 a food craving 11027677
138 Alfred's Blog 11027684
139 All Around Perth 11027688
140 All The Delights 11027690
141 All the Same Light Bulbs 11027691
142 Get on the Blandwagon 11027791
143 Butterflying 11027826
144 Call me Carrot 11027835
145 Chip in the Sky 11027862
146 Monkey Business 11027866
147 cooking. eating. carousing. 11027876
148 Cook, Dine, Travel 11027893
149 Food, Drinks n' Sun 11027940
150 DiningwithSarah 11027942
151 Dumpling Love 11027960
152 The Delightful Eunice 11028004
153 Everyday Weekends 11028009
154 fish & the LEMON tree 11028030
155 The Fat Cow 11028098
156 Hungry Husband and Wine-ing Wine 11028155
157 I got it from my mama 11028158
158 I try I try I try … 11028193
159 Cleft Palatte 11028206
160 The Main Ingredient with Kelli Brett 11028234
161 Linda Sorgiovanni 11028277
162 Lonely City 11028288
163 Max Veenhuyzen 11028311
164 maykey. 11028313
165 mmmjustlovely 11028341
166 Nini | Eat Drink Travelicious 11028387
167 Once Upon A Travelogue 11028405
168 Our Food Prints 11028412
169 Oyster & Pearl 11028416
170 Perth on a Platter 11028451
171 Pink Paper Plane 11028465
172 Radical Chiken 11028510
173 Fractured Memories 11028582
174 Sideways Tiara 11028598
175 Fang a steak sanga 11028637
176 Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salt 11028661
177 Perth Eats! 11028669
178 Teo Degas' 11028692
179 The Strawberry Thief 11028702
180 The Brazen Duck 11028706
181 The Capers of the Kitchen Crusader 11028721
182 Living Perthfectly 11028728
183 Windswept Wishes 11028847
184 Wine with Christina 11028853
185 With Love, Lani 11028856
186 YeLPar 11028885
187 Home Cooked Heston 11537794
188 Served on a Krystal Platter 12811064
189 The Squeaky Kitchen 14065936
190 May Day for Food 19901093
191 Girl+Beer 20785713
192 Nom Power! 26610895

These stats were complied on 16th of January 2015

35 Thoughts on “Perth's Hottest 100 Food Blogs 2015

  1. What an exciting list Martine, so many of my favourite local blogs in one place! Your spot up the top is again a tribute to your hard work and dedication – Chompchomp is always a pleasure to read (I love being able to share the love of heartfelt, honest writing with you!). Here’s to another year of blogging and sharing good food together! Happy Australia Day and congrats to all the amazing Perth bloggers featured here xxxx

    • Naw, shucks thanks Laura, you are such sweet heart. Here’s to another year of feasting, photographing and sharing wonderful foodie moments together. Oh, and a few puppy and kitten photos to make it perfect!

  2. Wow Martine congratulations, what a fabulous place to me. I have always loved your blog and you are so wonderfully sweet. Thank you for compiling this list. Congratulations to everyone.

    • And likewise to you Bhavna! I love reading your blog, you alway have such interesting and beautiful presented dishes.

  3. Hey Martine,

    I’m just wondering why I am never listed in any bloggers tally, I have no idea why? I’m listed on urbanspoon, and have more people following my page on facebook than any of those listed above! Could you let me know if I need to add myself to noodlies too, in order to be recognised amongst all the rest of the incredible bloggers listed?

    Love your blog and your passion for food by the way, keep up the amazing work! I look forward to hearing back from you….

    Brooke from Cooking 101- Learn Create Inspire

    • Hi Brooke, I already have your blog is on my list however on the date that I obtained all this data, your blog ranked as “No Data” for its Alexa ranking. As I mentioned above, I do not include blogs with No Data on my list. Your Alexa ranking is based on your traffic rather than your social media so having followers on Facebook will not contribute unfortunately. I have just checked your stats for today and you have now got a ranking which means you now qualify, if you can maintain or increase your traffic then of course you will feature on next’s years list. FYI your rank is at 7,879,113 as of today. Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can clarify for you. Xx

  4. Thanks for the info! April from What Can I Bake has managed to clarify how it all works to me this morning! I am aware that my Facebook interaction doesn’t count, and my blog is relatively new too… I guess I need to build it up, just like I have done with my page! Thanks for you quick response x

    • No problem at all Brooke! One of the keys to high traffic is engaging the community and getting long term readers so you are totally on the right track!

  5. Hi Martine thank you so much for listing me. I am so thrilled to be the 121!!! It motivates me to keep sharing my life story along recipes I love to cook. Thumbs up for your blog :)

  6. Hi Martine
    What an admirable job compiling that list! I would love to be included next year ( For now, looks like I will have to get reading :)

    • Thanks Chris, the list is something to make every Perth blogger proud. I am humbled by the calibre of blogs that surround me and am somewhat gobsmacked at my ranking. What makes me happy is the knowledge that (hopefully) I am helping and inspiring those with food allergies and intolerances to continue to enjoy their food and dine out safely. You too deserve a big congratulation, you put in a lot of work and effort into your business and your blog and every photo you take makes my mouth water. xxxx

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