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Prosciutto Wrapped Beef Fillet with Pesto

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Have you ever cooked a whole beef eye fillet? If you have you will understand what little effort it takes to produce a sumptuous meal. For those who haven’t this prosciutto wrapped beef fillet with pesto will convert you. Just make sure you buy ethically sourced meat!

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It was hard not to eat some of this before wrapping the fillet!


Volcanic Stone Grill and Cafe, East Perth & Combat Flight with the Boy

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The recent plethora of online voucher deals has meant that even those on a budget can eat out on a regular basis for a considerably reduced cost.  These experiences can tend to be a bit of hit and miss however and I have found that it pays to do your research on the restaurant prior to purchasing. Ultimately at the end of the day you get what you pay for and if your voucher only cost you fifty bucks for a two course meal for two people, don’t expect them to be cracking out the lobster and caviar! What I really like about these vouchers is that they often take you to establishments you never would have thought to eat at which can lead to some great discoveries.