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This year I return to join the team of bloggers and follow the journey of the WA Signature Dish Competition 2015. Many of you will remember my comprehensive coverage of last year’s competition which included a trip up to the stunning Gascoyne region where I went on my own paddock to plate experience meeting the local farmers and producers in person. I visited a number of banana plantations, ate chocolate pudding fruit straight from the tree and even got to climb on board a crabbing boat.

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From the Archives: WA Signature Dish 2014, Carnarvon

The WA Signature Dish is an annual cooking competition that promotes Western Australia’s beautiful and abundant local produce. The competition is open to amateur cooks who must create a recipe that best represents our “State on a plate” using one or more of the “hero ingredients” from either the Gascoyne, Kimberley, Swan Valley & Surrounds or Peel regions. Two contestants from each region will be chosen to compete in the Semi Final cook-off event on the 14 October in Perth.

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Image courtesy of Buy West Eat Best

This year Peter Manifis will join us again as the mentor chef for the Gascoyne region. Peter grew up on WA’s Pilbara coast and being the son of a commercial fisherman, he developed a passion for our State’s abundant seafood from a very young age. By the time Peter was ten years old he had already decided that he was going to be a chef. He trained at the famous Loose Box under French Master Chef Alain Farbregues and is now a partner in the successful South Perth restaurant InContro. Read my interview with Peter last year and see some of his mouth-watering creations at InContro restaurant.

The Hero Ingredients that the contestants must use from the Gascoyne Region this year are:

• Wild Shark Bay Prawns (Northern Star Ocean Products)

• Carnarvon grown tomatoes, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant and chilli (Loveapple)

• Shark Bay Mullet, Shark Bay Scallops, Pink Snapper and Shark Bay Whiting (recommended by the WA Fishing Industry Council)

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Last year’s winner Rhiannon Birch with the Chefs. Image courtesy of Buy West Eat Best

Once the four regional Semi Final winners are selected, they will each then work with their mentor chef for their chosen region to prepare them for the Grand Finale which will be held at Margaret River Gourmet Escape on the 22 November. The judging panel for the Grand Finale will consist of Guillaume Brahimi (Bistro Guillaume), Shane Osborn (from Michelin starred St Betty’s restaurant in Hong Kong) and a third high profile chef who is yet to be named.

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The regional winner for the Gascoyne 2014 Paul Kelly

The winner of the WA Signature Dish Competition 2015 will receive two days mentoring with Guillaume Brahimi at Bistro Guillame in Crown Perth, plus a trip for two to a luxurious remote Western Australian location for a wine and dine experience and the opportunity to meet some of WA’s most respected chefs and industry figures along the way.

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Disclaimer: Chompchomp is the official blogger for the Gascoyne region for the 2015 WA Signature Dish Competition. The competition is organised by Buy West Eat Best, a food labelling program that’s all about supporting the local food industry in Western Australia. Buy West Eat Best aims to grow the value and consumption of local WA produced food. Buy West East Best provides consumers and the local food industry with a food-specific brand to clearly show Western Australian grown, farmed, fished and produced food. 

7 Thoughts on “WA Signature Dish Competition 2015

  1. What a great competition – Martine – we had Signature Dish competition in this area for a number of years but it was a restaurant event that ran over about a month and was always enjoyed by the dining public. Like this one had to use local produce and foods. Enjoy you eating:-)

    • It is such a great concept to highlight the regional produce of our huge State! Love this idea of it being run in restaurants too though….sounds like a lot of awesome eating events!

  2. So exciting Martine! I can’t wait to read your coverage of this momentous competition again (particularly as I know a few people entering this year, I am sending good creative vibes their way!!!). Loved your series last year. We have such amazing produce in our state and it will be wonderful to see it shine once again through the creativity of passionate local cooks! xx

    • The concept of supporting local and seasonal is something we both heart I know! Very excited about the semi-finalists this year too! 😉 xx

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