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Little Pantry, Subiaco

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Spontaneous and unplanned brunches are often the best as there is no level of expectation or excitement. If the meal successfully hits the spot, the pleasure is such a wonderful surprise that it makes the overall experience even better.  Our visit to Little Pantry was one of these wonderful occasions.

That week it had been so wet and wild in our normally sunny city of Perth.  The winter weather leaves us all in a state of shock as we are never prepared emotionally or physically for anything that amounts to a real winter.  Despite being so unaccustomed and permanently in a state of shiver, my practice manager Liz and I both headed out in the pouring rain on some important business duties.  Our trip took us into Subiaco and once our meeting had finished we deemed it essential to stop somewhere for a coffee and a bite to eat to discuss our opinions before presenting it back to our colleagues.

I vaguely recalled seeing a number of cute little cafés along Nicholson Road last time I was in the area and so we headed over there for a gander.  The Little Pantry caught my eye as we drove past so after a bit of searching for a park we were fortunate enough for a break in the rain and headed in.

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The tiny little café was packed with people, with a big communal table in the centre circled by smaller tables. I understand where the name comes from because it is indeed little. The barista was pumping out some scrumptious smelling coffee and there were a small but mouth-watering selection of lunch options in their cabinet.   After some initial concerns that there wouldn’t be any gluten free options I was assured by the waiter that the frittata was suitable.

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Our coffees came out quickly and my short macchiato was so good I nearly ordered a second when I noticed the time was already heading into the afternoon.  If I have coffee too late into the afternoon I have great trouble falling asleep and with a bright and shiny 7am start the next day I was thankful I looked at the clock first.  Little Pantry serves Ponchione coffee that they get airfreighted in fresh from Italy.

My frittata was nearly the best frittata I think I have ever had! It was set to a perfect texture without any wateriness and held its ingredients in place without slipping and slopping apart.  It contained sweet potato, zucchini and a hard cheese which I think it tasted like Romano. It was served with a crisp fresh salad of greens dressed to perfection with some extra virgin olive oil.

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Liz’s quiche was similarly mind-blowing.  It’s incredible how if simple food is cooked and prepared properly using ultra fresh ingredients it can potentially be just  as amazing as some fine dining, fancy schpanzy dishes.  The pastry was buttery soft and flaky but so wonderfully paper-thin as to not overwhelm the spinach, ricotta and prosciutto filling.  It was as divine as mine was.

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I am so delighted with our little find and highly recommend stopping in at the Little Pantry if you’re in the area for lunch. Make sure you order a coffee.

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Little Pantry
206 Nicholson Road, Subiaco WA 6008 | (08) 9388 8780
Price:                     $ (under $15 for lunch each)
Food:                    5/5 (I simply couldn’t find any fault)
Service:                4/5 (prompt friendly and knowledgeable about ingredients)
Ambience:          4/5 (buzzing, energetic)
Drinks:                  4.5/5 (great coffee)
Total:                     17.5/20

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